środa, maja 29, 2013

1. Emilia Dziubak (Poland)- illustration/art & business magazine

2. Raphael Vicenzi (Belgium) personal illustration/digital art

3. Mattias Adolfsson (Sweden) "it is mostly about space" drawing, illustration

4. Sciencewerk (Indonesia) branding, packaging, print design

For Danis & Tiara Wedding Event. The Rabbit mark inspired from their
chinese zodiac. and the illustration is telling their 8 years journey. Featuring all of the couple's lovely pets: Jacob the Cockatoo, Grey the Cat, Mowgli the Dog, Guppy the Guppy, Hex Torment Anion Kation the Hamsters.  

Design Director: Danis Sie / Illustrator: Roby Dwi Antono / Print & Paper: Cottonville


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