House in Geochang, Korea

poniedziałek, sierpnia 05, 2013

A beautiful house in Geochang, Korea, designed by Seoul architects studio GAON was build for a couple in their 60's that wants to retire and grow walnuts with their parents and daughter.
The house is located on a sunny hillside near the provincial town of Geochang and has the timber-frame. It's a traditional Korean architecture features raised timber "maru" deck offering views of the surrounding countryside

"The scenery is so peaceful that it feels like midday nap soaks into a body as softly blowing wind, "Nobody hinders or prohibits ingoing, but the house is so peculiar located that nobody from outside can see the inside." - studio GAON

What do you guys think of this house? I'm absolutely loving it, especially the landscape ! Have a peaceful Monday x

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