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wtorek, grudnia 03, 2013

Pencil with Paper App on White iPad

Paper is an iPad app created by fifty three where you can sketch, draw, write, outline and colour. It also enables you to blend using your fingers or zoom in for more precision and detailing while drawing. 

  Paper App on iPad with Pencil Stylus by 53

Paper is an award winning  sketchbook app ! after two years of research 53 released Pencil
Pencil unlocks new features and enables new types of creation.
When connected, the app rejects palm movements against the tablet, allowing users to draw smoothly - just as they would if they were holding a pencil, pen, or paintbrush.

 Close-up of Pencil by 53 on Paper App

Pencil comes in two different finishes - walnut or graphite.
I think Paper + Pencil is a great alternative for active people to draw, paint on the go... and also a fantastic gift for christmas 

 Pencil by 53 In Hand

 Pencil by 53 In Use Writing and Erasing

 Pencil by 53

more information on

 Pencil by 53 Packaging

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