Penny Skaterboard a must have this summer !

czwartek, lutego 27, 2014

A Penny Skateboard, also called as a Penny board is a combination of skateboard and longboard. The Penny board has a durability that skateboard has to do tricks but also has strong trucks and big wheels that longboard has to cruise around. The penny board was created by Ben Mackay. Back in the day when he was young, the deck or the parts of the skateboards would break easily because they were not durable so he created astrong plastic board insted of plywood that is high performance, long lasting and ultra fun. Also the deck comes in variety of colors such as neon yellow, neon pink, red, blue and every once in a while the company comes up with new additional colors. Penny Skateboard is built with the highest quality raw materials and fanatical attention to detail. Penny Skateboards are designed and built to look good and perform well. More informations on Penny official website

Penny skateboard to australijska firma ktora istnieje na rynku od bardzo dlugiego czasu 1983. Zalozycielem jest Ben Mackay. Na polskim rynku nie jest jeszcze dobrze znana. Penny dostepna jest w dwoch rozmiarach Penny Original 22 inch | ta malutka | i Penny Nickel 27 inch | ktora bardziej przypomina wielkoscia normalna deske | oraz wielu kolorach ktore mozna wybrac | deck, trucki, koleczka itp | albo kupic gotowa, co roku penny skateboard wypuszcza limitowane edycje desek a takze kolorystyke w zaleznosci od sezonu w  2013 bardzo popularne byly kolory pastelowe.



“The little plastic skateboards that my dad bought me at 5 years old, it needed to come back!”  Ben Mackay, the founder of Penny Skateboard


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