Wroclove Design Festival #2

wtorek, czerwca 03, 2014

Hej witajcie, dzisiaj kolejna porcja zdjec z Wroclove Design Festival

Hi, how are you all? I hope you are all doing well, as you can tell from the pictures I have attended Wroclove Design Festival that was held in newly renovated Train Station in Wroclaw.
We went there on a rainy saturday morning. I was kindly surprised (as I have never seen any Polish Design Festivals before, due to my stay in Scotland)...the festival was very well orgazinezed with lovely people and relaxed atmosphere. I have met very nice designers & artists who told me about their work and philosophy behing it.  If you like any of the presented work check their websites :) they should be listed under the photographs. I will be back next year 13-17 may 2015 ! see you  all there...






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