RELAXED CREATIVE DEN - Artistic Bangkok restaurant

piątek, lipca 19, 2013

Bangkok restaurant designed by Thai architecture firm "metaphor" is a light, very artistic and relaxed restaurant .
The idea for the interior was a "glass house in an artist's backyard" with unique use of colour, geometry, light, sketches, paintings, musical notes and even instruments to help create the engaging atmosphere of "relaxed creative den".

 restaurant influenced by an artist's backyard by metaphor

in the middle of the restaurant is an open cooking table, where quests can experiment menu options with the chef

the dining area can be divided to cater for private parties, through the closing of a large curtain

the balloon pendant lamps hang from the exposed ceiling reflecting off large tilted mirrors

the walls are a pale grey brick and soft, diffuse up-lighting indirectly fills the space along the metal arch detail

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