suits that reduce the chance of shark attack by SAMS

sobota, lipca 27, 2013

SAMS (shark attack mitigation systems) with shark scientists from Australia has create suits that reduce the chance of attack

SAMS cryptic™  - shark deterrent dive range

the cryptic pattern was created to disturb sharks by using contrasting colours with shape and size ratio on the pattern creating optimal effect at various depth and distances. The suit was designed to blend in with the background colours.

SAMS warning™ technology - shark deterrent surf range

sharks have very good eyesight, they see in black and white, but their perception of shading is very acute and impacted by the ‘reflective spectrum’ in the water (how bands of colour react to light) so the warning suit is designed to cover the surfer and mark him as a tasteless or dangerous food
 anti-shark suits by SAMS

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