'In Reverse' by Ron Arad at Design Museum Holon, Israel

niedziela, czerwca 30, 2013

Ron Arad at Design Museum in Israel

In reverse is a exhibition using the fiat 500 which is a symbol for Italy and our generation .

 Everyone has stories about their first ever sex in a Fiat, or first

kiss,' says Arad. 'We're not destroying the cars, we're immortalising

them. ''In Reverse' is actually a far more enlightening exhibition. During Arad's childhood

in Tel Aviv, his father had a severe car crash while driving a Fiat Topolino (the model before

 the 500), which was made from a mix of wood and metal. The car was completely flattened

but his father survived. Says Arad: 'I will never forget my father's words to us.

"Had my car not been made out of wood I wouldn't be alive now"

 The first thing that greets you in the museum is a giant screen showing 'Slow

Outburst' (2013), a virtual experiment revealing the simulated effects of the crushing

process on the body of a red Fiat 500, made in collaboration with specialists in crash safety

design.This beautiful homage to the Fiat 500 was created by scanning the car, then

dissecting the scan into slices to make the mould. The laser cut steel components are

completely made by machine, but the only way they could be assembled into the final

sculpture was 'by amazing, genius, loving artisans who perform things that

we can only sit back and wonder how they do it,' says Arad. For a man who

likes to crush cars, it's a surprisingly poetic emblem for the relationship between artisan and


'Pressed Flower Red' by Ron Arad, 2013, is mounted on the walls of the Design Museum Holon like a 'painting'.

The Ron Arad-designed Design Museum Holon, which opened in 2010, acts as a giant exhibit in the show it hosts

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  1. Niesamowite, samochodziki spłaszczone w artystycznym celu - jakby ktoś nie miał pomysłu, co zrobić ze starym samochodem, to już ma podsuniętą propozycję :)
    Przyjemnie ogląda się coś nowatorskiego :))