Todd Sauces, just in time for BBQ

czwartek, czerwca 27, 2013

A new range of challenging sauces from UK food brand Todds has launched just in time for the grilling season. 
Cola-Leather, is intense and tannic, while Tobacco Moonshine is a sweeter sauce infused with the fiery Southern American spirit, moonshine. There's also Ink-Cayenne hot sauce that contains squid ink to make it look as dark and intense as its flavour. 

While the Marshmallow Smoke and Chewing Gum Tobacco ketchups contain notes of the titled ingredients, as well as an overwhelmingly smoky finish.
 The last of the range is the spicy Rootbeer Pickle hot relish, which contains root beer, dill pickles and jalapeno chillies, and is best served on burgers dripping with cheese. 

£7.50 each; Ink Cayenne Hot Sauce, £6;

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