Mercado, Bratislava

sobota, czerwca 08, 2013

New restaurant in town with healthy-food, Mercado Bratislava, Slovakia

The interiors are a mix of earthy and industrial, with quirky chairs in burnt orange, apple green and dark olive.
Natural light spread over floor-to-ceiling windows, and an outdoor pavilion offers beautiful views of the River Danube

 Chef Peter Petráš menu is one quarter vegetarian and gluten free, comprising a tempting mix of local Slovakian, Mediterranean and Eastern specialties such as the potato pancakes with fried chicken livers and rye bread and gluten-free bruschetta with beetroot, horseradish, apple and ricotta cheese. Drinks list includes inventive creations as honeybush iced tea with sea buckthorn, mint, mullein flowers and agave syrup.


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