Paul de Ruiter: Villa V

środa, czerwca 12, 2013

Dutch architecture studio Paul de Ruiter Architects have designed Villa V, a single family house in Park Brederode, Bloemendaal, The Netherlands. The area is part of a protected dune landscape, and the architects wanted to have a minimal intervention in the surrounding nature, creating a sustainable villa.

The house is placed on the slope of a hill.  The ground floor and first floor's façades are composed of large sliding glass components and oak wood, creating a fluid connection between the exterior and interior. The remaining façades are comprised of coloured wood. A skylight at the heart of the residence allows for generous daylight to pour into all the interior spaces.

Paul de Ruiter Architects: Villa V
Park Brederode, Bloemendaal, The Netherlands
Architects: Paul de Ruiter Architects — Paul de Ruiter (Project architect), Chris Collaris (Project leader)
Client: Private
Structural engineer: Quinten R. Wildeboer
Contractor: Scholz Groep, IJmuiden
Interior architect: i29 interior architects
Landscape architect: Kamsteeg Tuinen
Tim van de Velde

Gross area: 489 square metres (including a basement of 154 square metres)
Completion: November 2011

The architects designed a house with an amazing energy efficiency in this project, designing a structure with remarkable insulation. The building features geothermal energy storage, a heat pump and solar collectors on the moss-covered roof.
All the elements in the interiors — designed by i29 — elements, from walls to cupboards in the children’s rooms and the fireplace, are made of veneered plywood. "The wood used at the entrance and the garage has a special origin," state the architects. "It comes from an old ship that was found at a demolition company in North Brabant. It was bought in its entirety and used in the building."




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